Nose job price : Rhinoplasty Final cost

We Adjust the nose job price according to your needs

Rhinoplasty cost :  nose job price

As far as the price of the nose job surgery is concerned, you should be aware that our center, due to partnerships with various private clinics, will assist you in the selection depending on the case the most appropriate financial package for you.

Factors that determine the total cost of a nose surgery

You should know that the value of a rhinoplasty initial or rhinoplasty re-intervention depends on a range of parameters and you can vary it with your options. (eg by choosing the position your bed will be in when you are hospitalized)

In general, the following must be taken into account:

  • The type of surgery (nose surgery, rhinoplasty re-intervention, combination with nose diaphragm)
  • The cost of materials likely to be used
  • The type of applied anesthesia (local or general)
  • The cost of the surgery
  • Choosing the place of hospitalization
  • The duration of hospitalization

Total Rhinoplasty Cost: Visit – Simulation – Operation

The First Visit and the Consultation are 1 hour long and include:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Review and inspection of the inside of the nose in a computer
  • 3D simulation using the Vectra 3D Imaging System

nose job price - rhinoplasty cost : before-after

The simulation of rhinoplasty surgery is offered free of charge

The total cost is that of an initial visit – you do not get charged for the simulation as its given as an offer – and it costs € 70.

Consider that the simulation cost in other countries is around € 250 (there is no comparison in Greece because we only have it in Exelixis MI).

Final rhinoplasty surgery cost

The exact cost of a rhinoplasty procedure is very difficult to be given.

At first we must clarify exactly what the problem is (type of rhinoplasty, grafting requirement, diaphragm combination, etc.), as well as other parameters such as your insurance fund, possible private insurance you may have, hospitalization you want, credit card payment and more.

We could say that the nose job price combined with a septum surgery starts at about 2200-2500 euro, with every reservation due to all the above parameters.

Flexibility & options

For your better service, we’ve made sure you have a lot of choices for settling the cost of the operation:

  1. With cash
  2. Using a credit card
  3. Using your private insurance policy if it covers the rhinoplasty you wish to do
  4. By issuing a consumer loan

Value-for-quality relationship

Our team guarantees a perfect aesthetic and functional outcome according your nose job procedure.

Nose job price - result of a rhinoplasty

You will surely be satisfied as all patients who visited our facial plastic center of the quality as also the price of our service.

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