Recovery After rhinoplasty :

Useful Information & Postoperative Instructions for recovery after a nose job.

  • The patient is mobilized immediately after surgery.
  • The day after the surgical procedure the mild capping is removed.
  • Nose washes (with saline) of the inside of the nose and application of nasal ointment are recommended for one month three times a day.
  • One week after surgery, the small narthex is removed from the back of the nose.
  • No analgesics are administered.
  • Antibiotics are preventively administered for 4 days.
  • The inner stitches are not removed because they are absorbed, while in the case of open access three very fine sutures are removed along with the removal of the splint.
  • Swelling in the nose area is usually very limited and in approximately two weeks it will have subsided almost completely and 80% of the result will be visible.

rhinoplasty recovery after surgery

In almost three months, almost the entire effect is visible, while the stabilization and strengthening of the nasal skeleton and the full results will be visible in about a year.

When does patient exit the clinic?

Six hours after rhinoplasty, the patient may come out of the clinic, and if combined with another procedure he gets discharged the following morning.

How long does swelling last in the facial area?

Swelling is now limited to the nose area usually is very minor and in about 2 weeks it will subside almost completely.

How long does it take for the aesthetic result be visible?

With the removal of the splint, the difference in the shape of the nose is immediately visible within a week.

For almost seven days, the reduction of swelling will be very fast, and we reach almost 80% of the result, and in almost three months we will reach the complete result.

After rhinoplasty nose job recovery

After one year the nose will now be strong, steady and the result permanent.

How long will the result of the surgery be visible?

The next day after surgery and after painless removal of the capping, the patient can breathe normally. The surgery result is permanent.

What monitoring is required by the surgeon after surgery?

After rhinoplasty, the closure is removed the next day and the narthex is removed in one week in the presence of the surgeon.

How much does a nose job cost ?

Find out everything about the final price of a rhinoplasty.

Recovering after rhinoplasty

It is vital that you follow all the care instructions provided by your surgeon. Your surgeon will also provide detailed instructions on the normal symptoms you will have and any possible complications.

It is important to realize that the time it takes for recovery varies greatly among individuals.

You will have to wait several weeks to be able to participate in exercise or classic sports and be careful not to injure your nose in any way.

For about a quarter, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun or strong cold.

Alcohol and smoking are better suited for a while, as well as glasses for a long time

Nasal Septum & Rhinoplasty

If a crooked nose is accompanied by a crooked diaphragm, creating, in addition to aesthetic problem, breathing difficulty.

rhinoplasty recovery -after nose job

Then your rhinoplasty surgery can be combined with a surgery to adjust your nasal septum in order to achieve the best aesthetic and, at the same time, functional result.


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