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Nose job : rhinoplasty stories

Our patients write their experiences after their own rhinoplasty surgery:

I’m afraid of the pain. Every time I was thinking about rhinoplasty, my fear of pain prevented me and I was held back. I searched the internet and discovered the website of Εxelixis Medical. I read that one of the most frequent questions that patients doing rhinoplasty do is whether it hurts and what happens after surgery. The doctor who wrote the article pointed out that pain is a myth. I read “other questions and answers and they seemed very serious and thorough. So I decided to make an appointment. When I visited the center, my doctor spent a lot of time explaining the surgery to me and assuring me that it would not hurt at all. And so it happened. Now every time somebody asks me, I answer with confidence. “No, rhinoplasty does not hurt at all. Pain is a myth. “

Maria S., 32 years old

My nose really did not have a big issue. I just wanted to have rhinoplasty to get Brad Pitt’s nose. No matter how you see this is funny, I was convinced that this nose would help me become more charming and win more women. A friend who had done rhinoplasty at Εxelixis MI told me that I can use a machine to put Brad Pitt’s nose on my face and I was excited. In fact, I went to the doctor to show him what I meant. My doctor, fortunately, did not fool me. He explained to me that it is very common for someone to want a famous person’s nose. He showed me on the screen how I would be with this nose and explained to me why not all noses match all people. After long discussions, we came to the conclusion that I can fix my nose and look even better than I imagined. I did the rhinoplasty and I really feel perfect, even I do not even have Brad Pitt’s nose.

John 25 years old

From a very young age, others were picking up on me. “Hawk,” and “crook-nose” comments did not let me sleep at night. At 15, I decided to get a nose job so they would no longer tease me. My mother accompanied me to Exelixis MI. The doctors advised me to wait about a year to complete my growth and to be able to get rhinoplasty safely. I saw the result in the three-dimensional simulation machine and counted once every day until my rhinoplasty. Today my nose is just perfect and one can tease me anymore. One thousand thanks to everyone!!

Eva 17 years old

After seeing the amazing results in the nose of a friend who was having a similar problem as me, I made the big decision to correct my nose. I had a crooked and somewhat big nose. Until then, I was afraid of getting a nose job. When I booked my appointment with facial surgeon Mr. Moireas, I was convinced to proceed with the surgery the soonest. I was thrilled when I saw my face on the screen three times and realized how I would be after the surgery. I thank the doctor for my brand new face! My new nose matches and flatters me.

Margarita T., 27 years old

I had an accident with my motorbike. After that, I did not recognize my nose and my face in general. The Exelixis Medical Institute showed me the support I needed, they supported me psychologically from the very first moment. Thank you all for the impeccable result of the operations on my jaw and nose!

Christos K., 36 years old

In the last few years I had gained a few pounds, I was having difficulty breathing and felt a lot of fatigue. My wife complained that I snored loudly and sometimes became terrified because she thought my breathing stopped my sleeping. I am a smoker and I think that everything is the fault of the cigarette. Of course by smoking, I burdened my body, but after visiting the Exelixis Medical Institute and getting examined by the surgeon, I found that I had a problem with the diaphragm on my nose. He explained in brief the intervention I had to do, and what to do next. The next time I was in the operating room, I was breathing much better and in combination with a diet that helped me lose pounds, I stopped feeling tired. I was really pleased with my surgeon’s treatment before and after surgery.

Dimitris Ch., 46 years old

I learned about the Exelixis Medical Institute looking for a specialist surgeon to perform rhinoplasty reprocessing. My first rhinoplasty failed and my nose was worse than before. I decided to do new rhinoplasty but I definitely wanted to be sure beforehand about the result. When I learned that the Exelixis MI had VECTRA 3D Imaging rhinoplasty simulator with technology that would allow me to see the nose that I wanted to do three times and make the corrections that I needed in consultation with my surgeon I decided to make an appointment. The experience was impressive, and the result after the re-intervention was more than satisfactory. The doctor was very analytical, he answered all my questions before the surgery and he prepared me well for what would follow.

Panagiotis D., 33 years old

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