Nose Job : Beauty & functionality

Nose Job or otherwise the aesthetic and functional plastic nose surgery is one of the most popular surgical operations in the world. Its main goals are to correct the appearance, but also to improve the functioning of the nose.

Important factors to consider in creating a new nose are gender, age and personality of each patient.

The result of a rhinoplasty should be a nose with a beautiful shape that will fit harmoniously with the rest facial features, allow the face to form natural grimaces and move during speech, while supporting the healthy function of the nose and improving the breathing of the patient.

The surgery

In the first part – the functional part of a nose job – all the necessary work is done inside the nose to ensure better breathing, effective support of all the osteochondral skeleton and also to take the necessary grafts which we will use later on.

In the second – the aesthetic part of a nose job – we interfere with the external part of the nose in order to modify its shape, size and proportions to ensure a nice nose that will fit harmoniously to the particular face and will make it more beautiful.

When needed our facial plastic surgeon performs rhinoplasty combined with a deviated nasal septum surgery.

Surgical steps

It should be noted that because of the very special nature of the operation, in reality, each patient can be considered unique from all others and many different techniques can be applied rather than usual.

Despite the above, we could mention the following distinct surgical times that we apply as appropriate:

  • We create 1-3 small incisions inside the two nostrils (which do not appear after surgery) while when we do “open” rhinoplasty, we join the joints between them at the bottom of the nose, the nipple.
  • We remove the nose (hump) of the nose
  • We flatten the bone (skull) bone and chondral nasal septum
  • We proceed to obtain the necessary grafts from the diaphragm
  • We boost the lower part of the nose, the tip (in a “saggy-tipped” nose)
  • We shape the entire lower part (anchor). This may mean thinning, lifting, straightening, etc.
  • We reduce some or all the dimensions of the nose (in a “big” nose)
  • We increase some or all the dimensions of the nose (in a “small” nose) using grafts
  • We boost the patient’s nostrils in the event that during intense inhalation we notice the phenomenon of collapse,
  • We increase the range of nasal valve if we have very narrow nose (narrow through valve) and difficulty in nasal breathing
  • We obtain the necessary grafts from the following areas in order of preference: diaphragm, other areas of the nose, ear, chest area.
  • We reduce the size of the nostrils if required
  • We seal the inner incisions with absorbable sutures, while in an open nose surgery we place 3 very small stitches at the bottom of the nose)
  • We place a very light lid for 1 day inside the nose
  • We place a distinctive thermoplastic splint on the back of the nose for 6-7 days.


Local anesthesia in conjunction with general narcosis is the best option.

If there is a contraindication to a general narcotic administration, we can go on with the use of drowsiness or even with local anesthesia.

The duration of nose job surgery

Depending on the case, it may vary from 1-1.5 hours to even 4 hours when it is a very demanding re-operation.

Exiting the clinic

The same day, afternoon. Essentially 6 hours after the surgery in order for the patient’s body to expel the necessary amount of narcotic drugs.

Result of the surgery

Permanent. Certainly after a properly executed operation, with modern techniques, “re-crooking” the diaphragm, “dropping” of the nose and so on is not allowed.

In cases where this occurs, you should contact a qualified rhinoplasty surgery to perform the rhinoplasty  re operation correctly.

The successful nose job

The success of a rhinoplasty depends on the choice of an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who, in consultation with the patient, will create a nose that will harmonize with the patient’s face.

It is commonly accepted that rhinoplasty may be the most attractive and popular among all aesthetic interventions, but it is at the same time the most difficult and complex plastic surgery of all.

nose job : man before after

The purpose of each rhinoplasty surgery is a perfect aesthetic and functional result. After a proper rhinoplasty your nose will be beautiful and at the same time it will breathe properly.

nose job  man before after front

Swelling in the nose area is usually very limited, and in about two weeks it will have almost subside, and 80% of the result of your rhinoplasty will be evident.

nose job woman before after

Following a rhinoplasty, the pain is minimal. The same is also true with the removal of the closure, which, with the latest techniques is particularly light and its removal is painless.

After nose job

Trying to answer questions commonly made by our patients, we have collected and given you simple guidelines that should be followed after a rhinoplasty surgery:

Rhinoplasty: Post-operative instructions

  • The patient leaves the clinic the same day the night or the next morning
  • The day after the surgery the mild closure is removed
  • The patient has to rinse the inside of the nose and use nasal ointment for one month three times a day
  • One week after surgery, the small narthex is removed from the back of the nose
  • They do not need analgesics
  • Prophylactic antibiotics are administered for 4 days
  • Internal stitches do not need to be removed as they are absorbed. In the case of open access along with the removal of the splint, three very thin stitches are removed
  • Swelling in the nose area is usually very limited. In 2 weeks it will have almost subside and 80% of the effect will be visible.
  • In almost three months, nearly the full result will be visible. The final result, stabilization and strengthening of the nasal skeleton are seen in about a year.


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