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Our team guarantees a perfect aesthetic and functional result after every rhinoplasty surgery.

The only sure thing is that you will be satisfied with the quality and price ratio of our services, which is surely witnessed by all the patients who have visited our center.

Each year, a large number of patients from all over Greece, Cyprus, UK and many foreign countries visit Exelixis MI in order to examine, test the Vectra 3D modeling system and perform a rhinoplasty surgery in consultation with our surgeons.

nose job : rhinoplasty greece

We make it easier for our patients

In order to facilitate our patients, we have managed to create a communication and conciliation formula so that we do not bother each patient with involuntary visits, helping him/her at the same time save time and money.

By proceeding with a specific procedure, we can combine the visit with a direct surgery following just a few steps.

Rhinoplasty & Medical Tourism

There are also patients who decide to combine their operation with some days of vacation either in Athens or our city as a starting base, they organize trips to distant destinations, choose therefore the so-called Medical Tourism in order to combine their nose job with pleasure.

This combination is very common as rhinoplasty is an operation that takes only one day and after surgery, the patient is not in pain, which allows him to continue his trip undisturbed and refreshed.

On-line preparation of rhinoplasty surgery

  1. Contact us by phone, fax, email or letter.
  2. Complete the necessary questionnaires and send us the answers by email, fax or post.
  3. Send us your photos by email or mail. You can also upload them using the special form on our site.
  4. We, in turn, send you the initial assessment of our surgical team. We inform you about your rhinoplasty surgery, and we may ask for some additional information that may be needed for a proper and complete initial assessment.
  5. We send you information about your Rhinoplasty (information about the surgery and the postoperative period) and we ask you to sign where your consent is needed. Then send the signed forms to our Institute.

Close the desired operating date and time. Our secretary in consultation with your surgeon will inform you about the time your rhinoplasty will take place.

Your Nose Job : The transport to the city of Athens

At least one day before surgery, you should be in Athens to have the final preoperative assessment from your surgeon to complete the surgery plan and to resolve any last queries you may have.

Along with the date of surgery, we will also inform you about the scheduled appointment that precedes with your surgeon.

  1. Where can you stay?

You must be in Athens before the surgery, where there are many accommodation options.

For the sake of convenience, here are a few great choices of hotels, in different areas of the city, with useful contact information.

  1. On the day of surgery, we recommend that patients stay overnight in the clinic.
  2. On the day of the surgery and after meeting with your surgeon you can return to your city. Only in rare cases where there is a special reason, your doctor will ask you to stay in Athens for a longer period of time, so your schedule should be modified accordingly.

What about the final cost of a nose job ?

Read everything about the final price of the rhinoplasty surgery.


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