Before & After Nose job : 3D Simulation

The Vectra 3D / M3 System is the only 3D rhinoplasty simulation system.

Thanks to its advanced technology, the imaging system helps you see in a 3D image the result you can expect after plastic surgery in your nose.

For this very purpose, we have ensured it from Canfield Scientific, NJ – USA and you can find it in Greece exclusively at the Exelixis Medical Institute.


Simulator : The Capabilities

This new technology provides 3D face imaging and simulation of surgical procedures such as:

Nose job simulation 3d

  • Initial Rhinoplasty
  • Revision Rhinoplasty
  • Profiloplasty
  • Μentoplasty (Chin Surgery)
  • Various aesthetic facial interventions

Talk to your doctor and develop your new nose together.

The main advantage of the simulator is that it greatly facilitates the understanding between a doctor and a patient.

So, patients who have decided to make a nose surgery can see their own image on screen more accurately and clearly explain to the surgeon his/her desires and show him on site the changes they would like to make on their nose.

Then the surgeon will suggest the appropriate solutions and will work together with the patient on screen until they reach the expected result.

Thanks to this simulation, the patient is able to see his future appearance with comfort and without any worries.

Thanks to this new technology the concern about the result after a nose surgery is greatly reduced.

Misunderstandings of the past are now replaced by the certainty of the image.

During the simulation the surgeon can show the result. From two angles at the same time, before and after comparison, the result of a combination of two or more interventions and many others, depending on the case.

How does the plastic nose simulation system work

VECTRA® 3D ImagingSystem as well as FaceSculptor ™ software is developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, NJ – USA, a leading company in the global imaging imaging market with applications in medicine and in particular surgery.

The procedure begins by taking the patient’s 3D image with VECTRA 3D, which takes about a minute.

Then, with the help of the special FaceSculptor® & Mirror® software, you can simulate the effect of nose surgery in a three-dimensional image.

Surgeries that can be simulated are in addition to the initial nose surgery are, revision rhinoplasty, but also other interventions such as: gyneoplasty, profiling, liposuction etc

The procedure in pictures:

Selection of the type of surgery we wish to simulate


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 2

Placement of the appropriate guiding points

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 3

Raising the lower part of the nose, edge

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 4

Removing the curve, the hump

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 5

Reduce the width of the lower third


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 6

We can see two angles at the same time


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 7

Comparison before and after (one version)

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 8

Comparison before and after (two versions)

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 9

Scroll the cursor between photos Before and after A.

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 10

Scroll the cursor between photos Before and after B.

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 11


One image over the other. Before and after


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 12

Automatic highlighting areas depending on changes

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 13

Advanced options of angles measurement

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 14

Advanced surface measurement options – A


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 15

Advanced surface measurement options – B


nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation

nose job rhinoplasty 3d simulation 16

Rhinoplasty from all angles

Options during the simulation are too many.For instance:

  • Viewing the effect of the nose surgery from any angle
  • Viewing the face from two angles at the same time
  • Projection of “before” and “after” opposite side by side
  • Showing one image “above” the other
  • Ability to measure angles, distances, and even tumors, especially in transplant cases
  • Combining system images with the results of axial and magnetic tomography, in cases of major rehabilitation surgery, in collaboration with facial surgeons.

Video of  the Vectra 3D Imaging System

Watch the video of a real 3D nose surgery simulation with the Vectra-3D Imaging System

Thanks to the Vectra-3D Imaging System you can view the result of your nose surgery from any angle you wish.

Watch the video:

Important information about plastic nose and simulation system

Plastic surgery on the nose for the second time (Re-operation or Revision Rhinoplasty)

In especially demanding interventions – such as revision surgeries – the surgeon uses the system to accurately measure many dimensions, distances, and angles.

It thus draws valuable information on the size of the parts to be removed and the grafts to be used in the operating room.

The system is an important advantage for the intervention, which is even more important as the complexity and requirements of each case increase.

Technology & Surgical Experience

At this point it should be stressed that the best outcome depends on many factors

  • Correct and complete pre operative examination (clinical examination, introspection, simulation)
  • Consultation between patient – surgeon
  • Experienced nose surgeon
  • Impeccable surgical conditions (surgical room, surgical staff and specialized surgical kits)

At Exelixis Medical Institute we take care of all the above in the highest degree and combine the most advanced technology along with the great surgical experience ensuring the best result in an environment of absolute safety and certainty.


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